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Exorcist 6

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      I'm Mikey, Deep South Central USA, and this is my 6th submission to oswd. Validates XHTML Transitional, with CSS. This is my first submission with absolute positioned main divs. This design is extremely adaptable, useful, and solid. The color scheme and header colors are gothic, well, you may need or want to add your own personal touch. Still, fairly simple layout and code, shouldn't wrap or disintegratel. 4 absolute positioned boxes, 2 left and 2 right. My usual, a three color scheme +background; nested divs, and CSS hover effects. Well, I hope you like it. As always, no strings attached, 100% open source; and please take a look at my other quality designs.

Just Some Filler Text:

SEVERAL EXORCISMS: Date: 1997/10/12
The Exorcism of Nicola Aubrey In the Year 1565 (from

The devil laughed at the priest, and, putting on a most comical look, he said: "Ho! Ho! My good friend; do you intend to expel me with your prayers and hymns? Do you think that they will cause me any pain? Don't you know that they are mine? I helped to compose them!" "I will expel thee in the name of God," said the preacher, solemnly. "You!" said the devil, mockingly. "You will not expel me either in the name of God, or in the name of the devil. Did you ever hear of one devil driving out another?" "I am not a devil," said the preacher, angrily, "I am a servant of Christ." "A servant of Christ, indeed!" said Satan, with a sneer. Do you suppose that you can expel me from the body of this miserable wretch? Ha! Go first and expel all the devils that are in your own heart!"

Satan knew that a demon was doing the exorcism, that the priest was possessed. Just a joke, to him. This exorcism supposedly ended successfully, but I'm no fool: We all have demons. I believe that the possessed priest would call it successful, regardless, as they did in 3 more instances below, and also in the case of Mary, in the MPD article on our research page. They call it acknowledging God's power, or something. The church is not going to admit failure, and especially not in this case, where 150,000 people were supposedly watching the case. I've seen it, the priests, under supposed annointing from spirit, declare victory, which is total nonsense. I've seen it a hundred times. They probably shipped her off to come convent, or somewhere, out of sight.

Exorcism: The Blind Leading The Blind

Daniel, Faith, and Shiloh's Exorcisms
Garibaldi <"23@90" wrote in message

Daniel wrote:

I was exorcised in 1979. It did not work. Let's band together, and see if we can come up with some answers. From what I understand, the catholic church has disbanded most of it's exorcism personnel, for some strange reason, in these last days. Either exorcism does not work, or either they dont want any responsibility.

Hang in there, and let me know if I can help (support).

There is a good reason,the Citadel of the Lord has being taken by the Enemy,naturally he does not want to have exorcists around.

I recently became acquainted with a woman who went to the catholic church seeking an exorcist. She was immediately recommended for psychiatric evaluation. They told her that if she could pass that test, then they would consider an exorcism.

I was not surprised. Here, below, is the attachment that I sent her:

Faith wrote:
Hey "Daniel" -- I hope you're still reading because I'm coming in on this one a little late ...

>Daniel wrote:
>My local minister, after intense exorcism failed, 20 years ago,
>started : snarling at me, telling me that I was living in sin, which is
>why they weren't leaving.

Faith wrote:
Same story 100 times over, different day. Isn't it funny how they all do that? They can't *DO* it, so they want *you* to pander to their need for reassurance by *faking* like it's over. But you *can't* fake, because the TORTURE won't stop. And because you *can't* fake, they interpret that as being you *WON'T* fake. But instead of "fake", they call it"acknowledge God's power" or something like that (only it isn't "God"'s ANYTHING; it would just be *FAKING*!) So they accuse YOU of being stubborn, obstinate, rebellious, cooperating with "the Enemy". A friend of Mine and I came up with a term for this sudden, snarling 180-degree turnabout maneuver some twelve years ago. We called it "RESORTING." So they Resort. They Resort to casting YOU out because they can't cast "Them" out. But see, here's the deal, mikey. The reason they do this is that their failure at exorcism sets up for THEM the very same theological paradox your experience of possession set up for you. And they cannot handle it. It utterly, completely terrifies them -- the haunting, endless questions, the roller-coaster logic, the ping-pong back and forth between "blaming God" and "blaming one's self". What is the paradox? In a nutshell, this: by all experiential reality, the "God who cannot lie" suddenly has; the "God who keeps his promises" suddenly doesn't; the"God alone who can save" suddenly won't, or can't, or chooses not to -- but what do the "whys" matter when you're in PAIN??? -- for whatever reason, IT ISN'T HAPPENING! WHAM, theological impasse. And no way out -- for you. But for the little man of the cloth, the way out is easy: get rid of the *source* of all this troublesome, harrowing, horrifying analytical questioning before it destroys his faith. You know, I have a feeling all this happened before -- mythically speaking, when a certain Brilliant Leader was hurled from the gates of His home, down through the starry skies ...

Daniel wrote:
>Well, this was a condemnation call. I then had no
>hope whatsoever, for relief, since 1979. Well, I now
>feel that my experience is as a witness, for a testimony,
>which is the only reason that I have made it this far.

Faith wrote:
Been there, done that. :)

> The following is an attachment; a testimony that I received from a 28
>year old woman, from the internet. We share similar experience, as you
> will read. Attachment follows:

>Shiloh wrote:
>I am reading a lot about people and their experience with being
>labeled d+m+n-p+ssessed. I too was labeled d+mo+n p+sss-ssed
>this summer. I went through three months of intense ex+rc-sm. Each
>time coming out of the "session" with such a longing to die that I would
>immediately seek refuge in the comfort of my warm blood. I know this
>probably sounds weird, but this is just what I did. It was either
>that, or standing in the middle of a river at midnight trying to wash
>(baptize) myself clean. After three months of this literal h+ll I
>have arisen from the dead into the light that says that I now have
>even more alters than when I started working with this religious
>freak. I was convinced that S=tan was inside of me and so were a lot
>of my alters. I am now worse off than I ever was as far as
>unification and therapy progression goes. So, all you religious
>experts on p+ssessi*n and d*m*n*ology Tell me, if dem*n p*ssessi*n is
>the cause of my multiplicty than why am I even more "multiple" after
>such intense exorcism? and let me tell you of the reality of this
>fragmented dwelling- My multiplicity is the full fledged product of
>the hypocrytic church, quite contrary to your view of my submission to
>S*t*n and his angels.

Faith wrote:
This really hits home. Tell Shiloh I've been integrated for nearly two
years now and LOVING it. If you are interested, either you or Shiloh or
both can drop Me a line and we can continue this conversation "privately".
Contrary to popular opinion, the Master and I are here to heal, not to hassle.

One comment here:
Here, Faith would appear to have sold-out, sided with the devil in
order to stop the pain (for gain). Haven't we all been there? The
devil is a liar, he works using deceit. I've seen this in my own life,
where Satan attempted to try and make me think that I was siding
with him, summoning him, conjuring him, selling soul, seeking his
help or assistance in some matters (his own desires with me and
my life). This is all just another one of this tricks, nothing but a lie.
Dont' fall for it. A person who is demon possessed cannot be held
accountable, nor credible. Not capable of thought or reaction. Who
lived, at the time? A demon, not Faith. Faith was ill, semi-dead,
impaired. None of this was ever her idea, creation, choice, free-will;
and why/how would free-will ever come into the picture, in such
situations? The demon that was present used a trick, to try and sell
her out; he made her think that she was going along with it, creator
of it, just another lie. Faith was nothing more than an impaired zombie,
a puppet, semi-dead, paralyzed, incapable of anything, in my own
opinion and experience. Quote, "Lets make her think to sell her soul
to Santa". "Who shall see it?" It's just another mindcontrol technique,
for the zombie impaired sub-concious puppets of trance. Man, blinded
pets on a leash. Who shall see it? The percentage of humanity today,
under such delusion, is probably a significant number. The percentage
of those totally blind, who live for the moment, of the flesh/world, who
do not even consider themselves members of the human race
(abductors), is probably also a significant number. Zombies are pathological
liars, are pathological "period".

Someone else had written:
I believe there are a number of failures in the Catholic approach to

Failure #1: Personalization of the exorist with the demon.

The Catholic Church seems to view the act of exorcism as some
kind of battle between the exorcist and the possessing entity.
The possessed seems to be treated like an incidental character.

Failure #2: Authoritarianism.

The Catholic Church places authority in the hands of the Bishop.

Failure #3: Ritualization.

The Rituale Romanum is fraught with ritual which limits the
ability of the exorcist to perform the exorcism.

I believe the Catholic Church ought to go back and visit the
exorcist ceremonies performed by Jesus and his apostles. They'd
find no personalization, authority only from God/Jesus, minimal
ritualization beyond:

1. Identifying the offending entity through interrogation.
2. Praying about the possession.
3. Using God's/Jesus' authority to exorcise the extity [this might
include instructing the entity on where to go and where it
cannot go.

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